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Hey there, I’m Mahesh (@maheshone). A full-time nerd from Tiruvalla (now in Cochin). I’m a blogger, digital marketer, and a finance geek. Onevestor is my personal finance journal where I archive and share my financial thoughts and journals. Check out The Onevestor Manifesto.

The word ‘Onevestor’ is a portmanteau of ‘one and investor’. 17 years ago, I was introduced into the market by my father. And I started trading on his behalf when I was 17. I was hooked.

I have doubled my money several times in the market but I have never invested in a multi-bagger, yet. And hey, I have lost money too. Once. Twice. Thrice. Okay, I lost count long back.

You won’t get any stock recommendations ever from Onevestor. Because my guess is only as good as yours. I’m yet another retail investor/trader who is super-curious about the markets and almost all things personal finance.

I have an agenda with Onevestor and that’s perhaps the most important thing when it comes to my own financial journey. And that’s to redefine my own investment philosophy and trading strategies. Because, I was never a disciplined investor/trader.

Happy Investing/Trading! 🙂

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