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The Onevestor Manifesto


  1. Onevestor is my personal finance journal. The word ‘Onevestor’ is a portmanteau of ‘one and investor’. I coined the term ‘Onevestor’ in 2009 to represent solo-investors or retail investors (because I am one of them). In 2009, I wanted onevestor.com to help retail investors understand as to how TV experts and brokerages mislead or misguide them. But the journal/blog never happened as I got immersed into digital marketing and then became a full time blogger at Minterest.
  2. 17 years ago, I was introduced into the market by my father. And I started trading on his behalf when I was 17. I was hooked.
  3. I opened my first demat account in 2004 or 14 years ago and that was with HDFC Bank (which still is my primary trading account). Now you know why I made this listicle #14 — oh yeah, 10 is a cliché).
  4. I have doubled my money several times in the market but I have never invested in a multi-bagger, yet. But yeah, several stocks became multi-baggers after my exit.
  5. And hey, I have lost money too. Once. Twice. Thrice. Okay, I lost count long back.
  6. I may discuss individual stocks when I find something interesting to say about it.
  7. You won’t get any stock recommendations ever from Onevestor. Because my guess is only as good as yours.
  8. I’m yet another retail investor/trader who is super-curious about the markets and almost all things personal finance.
  9. I’m not a fundamental analyst. Not a technical analyst. And not a value investor either.
  10. I do not hold a finance degree and I’m not an expert. So please don’t consider my tips or views as “professional advice.”
  11. I thought YouTube Channels were not my thing. But a bunch of YouTubers inspired me to make Onevestor a YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/Onevestor). They made me realize that YouTube could be the best platform to share my financial thoughts and journals. Oh yeah, it’s mostly about failures or what went wrong while investing. You can learn from my mistakes and avoid repeating the same.
  12. I’m totally new to video blogging. And I have never done public speaking before. So my goal is to make better videos than I created yesterday.
  13. I will make sure that my videos come with precise titles and thumbnails. And I don’t want to mislead you in any way with colorful thumbnails and promising titles. My videos would be straight to the point rather than dragging the videos with subscribe/like/comment/share requests.
  14. I have an agenda with Onevestor and that’s perhaps the most important thing when it comes to my own financial journey. And that’s to redefine my own investment philosophy and trading strategies. Because, I was never a disciplined investor/trader.

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