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Here are some CAGR Calculators :


A CAGR Calculator can not only be used to calculate the returns of financial assets like stocks and mutual funds. A CAGR Calculator can be applied in your real life as well. For example, if a property was worth Rs. 10,000, 40 years ago, and today it’s worth Rs. 25 lacs – you’re basically looking at a 250-bagger. But when you actually measure its CAGR – you get 14% which is not a huge number.

Not just that. How do you know whether your investments are ACTUALLY beating inflation or not. Let’s say 10 years ago your living expenses were Rs. 40,000 a month and today it’s Rs. 1 lac a month. So if you enter Rs. 40,000 as the starting value and Rs. 1 lac as the ending value in 10 years, you get a CAGR of 9.5%. That’s the actual inflation for you AND not the rubbish numbers published in the media.

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