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THIS EPISODE is a consolidated (or a single watch) version of the following 3 episodes.

Market Discounts Everything: എന്തുകൊണ്ട് ഓഹരി വിലകള്‍ ഉയരുന്നു, താഴുന്നു? [PART 1] : https://youtu.be/cmOjMqDZr5o

Stock Market PE Rerating & Derating [PART 2] : https://youtu.be/1qcqK4iDM1E

Stock Market Price Correction vs. Time Correction [PART 3] : https://youtu.be/VfpJhk-sWfw

Stock market is future. And market discounts everything. But what does that mean? Or, what do you mean by “market is discounting something” or “market is pricing-in something”.

Rerating simply means that investors are willing to pay a higher price for the stock, usually in anticipation of higher earnings in the future. And derating simply means that investors are NOT willing to pay the current market price (or higher price in the future) for the stock, usually in anticipation of lower earnings in the future.

The sideways movement of a stock price, with or without any major gains or losses, over an extended period is called time correction. Time correction happens when the stock price moves much faster than earnings. Price correction is a decline of 10% (or usually more) in the stock price from its recent high. Usually happens when the stock is overvalued or enters a bubble phase.

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