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I started tracking the stock market almost 17 years back. That is, right after the dot-com crash of 2000. Over the years, I have entered almost all kinds of stocks – it includes: blue chips, large caps, mid caps, small caps, micro-caps, and even penny stocks. So yeah, I have made money and I have lost too. And eventually, Mr. Market taught me how to pick stocks and what to avoid. Recently, I came across this quote on Twitter:

“When you look at a stock, ask yourself, “Is this an attractive business? Would I buy the whole company if I could?” If the answer is no, give the stock a pass—no matter how much you might like the firm’s products.”

That’s a priceless message. If you think about it, you will avoid 9 out of 10 low quality stocks that you planned to buy. The logic is very simple, it will make you rethink whether you want to risk your money on that stock or not. For instance, if I could, then I would love to buy whole of HDFC Bank, HUL, Britannia, L&T, and Infosys. It doesn’t really mean that I am willing to buy all those companies at any price. Instead, these are the stocks that I’m happy to buy and average and hold as long as I can. But I wouldn’t buy Reliance, ICICI Bank, DLF, JP Associates, Jet Airways, or ONGC.

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