Monthly Archive: April 2016

9 hard-won lessons about money and investing by Matt Cutts

  1. You are probably a bad stock picker.
  2. No one cares about your money as much as you do.
  3. Wall Street is not your friend.
  4. Think about working for equity vs. salary.
  5. If you’re investing, prefer index funds.
  6. Prefer credit unions over banks.
  7. Prefer Vanguard over almost anyone else.
  8. You probably don’t need a “assets under management” financial advisor.
  9. Consider municipal bonds.

Matt Cutts is the head of the webspam team at Google.


Scott Adams’ Financial Advice

  1. Make a will.
  2. Pay off your credit card balance.
  3. Get term life insurance if you have a family to support.
  4. Fund your company 401K to the maximum.
  5. Fund your IRA to the maximum.
  6. Buy a house if you want to live in a house and can afford it.
  7. Put six months’ expenses in a money market account.
  8. Take whatever is left over and invest it 70 percent in a stock index fund and 30 percent in a bond fund through any discount brokerage company and never touch it until retirement
  9. If any of this confuses you, or you have something special going on (retirement, college planning, tax issue), hire a fee-based financial planner, not one who charges you a percentage of your portfolio.

Scott Adams is the author and creator of the Dilbert cartoon.


The market doesn’t owe you anything.

The stock market doesn’t owe you anything. It doesn’t care that you’re about to retire. It doesn’t care that you’re funding your child’s education. It doesn’t care about your wants and needs or your hopes and dreams.

— Michael Batnick